Last round of consultations today on the Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington

As planned and delayed due to the Easter holidays the next and last round of consultations on the Heath Farm Lane housing development gets underway today at St Mary’s Church on Manchester Road in Partington.

It is important all people get down today and discuss your concerns to them, from what we can tell the people who are dealing with this are taking on board everyone’s concerns and are indeed very nice people to deal with.

One of the areas we have great concern is about the environmental aspect, since under the soil and all over the land where the development is to be built will need some serious decontamination, we are also concerned about that oil burning company where the glow gets so intense the entire Greater Manchester area can see it! can you imagine being only about 800m away from it?

Of course car usage will go up, not a great thing for Partington, one road in and one road out, and poor old Sinderland Lane will crack under the strain, the only route cyclists can take that is somewhat safer.

We do not buy reports that roads will be built, to ease congestion, of course it would be welcomed, however having asked Linden/Laurus people they tell us they have no plans to build any new roads or shop/medical infrastructure, HIMOR at this time with the Future Carrington development have told us what they are going to do to ease traffic and it really was lame.

Pollution will hit the roof in the area, it is already much higher, it is a very concerning situation and it is very important to tell Linden/Laurus of your concern.

The doors will be open until 7pm today, after the consultations have been and gone it will be sometime next month they will go to Trafford planning and is expected to be passed.


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