Things look bleak for Partington after final plans on the Heath Farm Lane housing development was shown

We was first to report about the Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington and gave many other reports with help from the developer who have been brilliant with us from day one.



The last round of consultations was held at St Mary’s Church on Manchester Road. not many people was around at the time, only people from the developer on hand to answer questions.

The final plans we have to say sound a little bit like what Himor has been saying all this time, more so with road infrastructure.

We do not think that it will make much difference to Carrington, Partington and Warburton residents that both housing developers are to fix the Flixton Road junction, Himor’s plans to bring in the first bus stop was a good plan, it will ease the congestion a little bit.

The A1 road looks likely to be opened up although plans for this road was for it to be emergency vehicles only and not a road for residents to use, if it does become a road for all, it will help ease congestion to an extent.

New cycle infrastructure is very welcomed, however we have and have had serious concerns about how Partington is to cope once all developments are built, lets make this easy for people, Partington has almost 8000 residents with limited shopping facilities, poor medial infrastructure, no entertainment infrastructure, bad road infrastructure, poor air quality, poor cycling infrastructure.

Now add around 1500 (estimated) more people to this now, so the population in Partington will be 9.500 then once Peel housing development gets underway add another 1200 people the population now is just under 11,000.

Now at just under 8000 Partington can just about cope, can you see how in the next year or two including people from Future Carrington coming in to the area how bad things will be? Partington now has bad traffic issues, how many more cars will be added to the total now? thousands more cars on the roads at any one time creating a bigger problem.

We suggest until new roads are built, new shopping and medical facilities are built no one should be parking there arse on Partington’s doorstep, we think it is irresponsible by all involved and those who are supposed to be representing the residents of Bucklow St Martins ward to be building these great big housing estates without first thinking about what Partington wants.

The general feeling is not good and we ask all residents to be waking up those two guys who are claiming to be representing you to actually fight for people and be seen to be doing something, ultimately it is with your Labour councillors to object and be seen to be objecting to all these housing developments, they are in place to reassure residents that they are doing what they can.

Other groups and the Parish Council have little effect on anything, we ask residents in Partington not to get confused between Parish councillors and political both are very different, a parish councillor has no power and political councillor has all the power and it ts them that has seemingly gone quiet, we ask them now! to help your electorate.


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