Talk Talk and BT top the list of most complaints for its broadband and Pay TV services


This quarterly report reveals the number of complaints made to Ofcom about the UK’s leading providers of home broadband, landline telephone, pay-monthly mobile and pay-TV services, between October and December last year.

TalkTalk was the most complained-about provider for broadband and landline services. The main reason for complaints about the company was generally faults and other problems with its services.

BT Mobile and Vodafone received the most complaints for mobile services, and BT received the most complaints about pay-TV. For both services, customers’ main problems related to complaints handling, billing, prices and charges.

BT Mobile is very expensive, for a contract they are asking in most cases £150 up front on a very high price plan, we asked BT and they told us once you are on a price plan you are stuck with it for the two years, you cannot drop the plan if you get into some financial issues.

Vodafone as we have experienced cause a number of issues whilst in contract, one of them was hanging on to the customer even after he or she has ended the contract, they claim that you owe money, it could be as little as 1p, you offer to pay it, by the time you get them to accept payment, they have already damaged your credit rating.

Jane Rumble, Ofcom’s Director of Consumer Policy, said: “These figures give people the information they need to shop around and compare providers’ performance.

“The scorecards also motivate companies to improve their performance, and we want to see them follow through on their promises to give customers better service.”

Complaint volumes is one of many measures that can shine a light on service quality. Next month we will publish our annual provider comparison report, which will look at a range of other factors such as customer satisfaction.


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