Play softball in Trafford with some friendly Tigers

Softball is a great sport that anyone can play and enjoy, and gladly we have a well established and winning team here in Trafford.

The Tigers Softball Team play in a proper league and are competitive, the team train from the Trafford Metrovicks RUFC in Sale during spring and summer months and it is completely free to join in.

Each play (in softball) within the game starts when a pitcher pitches the ball to a batter. The batter hits the ball, then runs around as many bases as possible before the ball is retrieved and returned under control by the defensive team.

The team will have men and women in the line up so its great for women to join in, it truly is a great sport to be involved in, something that you will pick up very fast and enjoy playing, and even better, you do not need any equipment.

Come down and check them out, they have a coach also who is on hand to help out, first you need to tell them you are coming down, and they will give you directions if needed click this LINK



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