Two-way scrap in Timperley in the run up to the local elections in May

Timperley is just about to see one of the biggest scraps in its history as candidates fight for gold on May 3rd.

It is a two-way fight between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, and in the mix are the Trafford Liberals and Labour.

Some residents in Timperly have told us that they are completely fed up with the Tories and what they have done to Trafford if not the country, this feeling is felt borough wide.

Something new is needed, new ideas, a different approach to what we have had for all these years, the Tories have a great candidate in place in the Timperley ward, who we feel will fight hard against the rival Liberal Democrat candidate.

We can say after several meetings with William Jones that he does not care about what is going on around him, and remains focused on what he is doing, helping residents in the Timperley ward his only goal, he repeats this to us every time.

Residents in Timperley have a choice, stay the same or indeed see things continue to spiral out of control regarding a range of things, crime, benefits, and very likely our green spaces will be hit hard, the most vulnerable in society hit hardest, taking away school meals, more homeless people on our streets, kids with nothing to do because their are no youth centres, pollution of the scale just about everywhere or vote for a completely fresher outlook with a genuine man in William Jones and a huge backing from the Liberal Democrats who will tackle all the issues Timperely residents face day in day out.

For all Timperley residents only please participate by clicking this LINK


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