Altrincham FC are champions and move into the National League

What a year it has been for the robins, as the team won the Evo-Stick premier division and head into the Vanarama National league, one step away from the bigtime.

Altrincham secured first place after winning Grantham away 0-2, the club is now 10 points clear of Warrington Town on 91 points and a far superior goal difference.

The National League awaits Altrincham, the old conference league where the team under different managers have been a few times in their history, to win this league they will have to raise the bar and maybe even add some strength in-depth.

If they can continue winning like they have been doing, giving it there all in every game, battling hardest the robins will be in good place for promotion and the good thing is, in the National League two go up, so it is slightly easier this time around.

Having Altrincham in the big time would be amazing for not only the club and its fans, but also for Trafford, the club will then have to look at moving away from their ground as capacity and facilities would need to be improved dramatically.

The most important thing though is to win or come second in the National League before thinking about other things, complete focus on winning is the key!

We congratulate Altrincham FC all its players and staff and its many fans and our best wishes in the National league.



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