Alabama rot kills another dog in Trafford

Another dog has died due to the so called Alabama Rot canine disease, which could turn out to be the ‘Black death’ of the dog world.

We have done articles before on this subject, and still have no real answers as to why this is happening, only speculation is doing the rounds, one of them heard the most so far is that many dogs that have caught this disease were near water.

It is not known at this time where this recent dog who died was walking but we know it died in the Sale area, however we can contribute to finding out exactly what is the issue, that has spread around the country, although looking at the current map of dog deaths it can be clear many of these incidents are in the North West over the years.

Remember this disease is not a recent thing, the first case was in Alabama in 2012 in the UK, and in the six years it has been killing dogs all over the place although still fairly rare.

We are not in any way experts, we have looked at what people have said, what has been published and what we know so far, and it seems to us that this fatal canine disease is spread in the air, why we come to these conclusions are simple.

Previous to 2012 we had none of this, the soil is still the same soil, nothing has changed, unless someone drops toxic chemicals from aircraft or deliberately going around spraying manually which could be possible, we can only think the wind has blown in chemicals, it could be from agriculture, from industry or something more sinister!

Which ever answer you choose, we still have no real answers and until someone somewhere gets to grips with this situation we could have many more dogs dead many of them previously healthy and this is not acceptable.

If your dog starts getting sores, being sick and lathargic you must take your dog to the vet as soon as possible, tell tale signs are the lower leg sores which spreads, the next thing the dogs kidneys are infected and you can guess the rest.

You can read a more in depth report on Alabama rot by the BVA (British Vets Association) HERE



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