Your Housing Group under pressure to re-open there Partington office to residents again

Your Housing Group who has many properties in the Partington area and some in Sale shut the doors of there Wood Lane headquarters in Partington recently so that residents could not have any one to one contact.

The housing group shut the doors due to a lack of demand and more people were using email and the phone line, this came out of the blue and some people were unhappy, it is official that more people have now complained, we want you all to complain! it is a scandal that this has happened.

On behalf of residents we have since contacted an MP about this closure , some elderly residents cannot even use a computer, what about disabled people or those vulnerable who needs that human contact.

The Labour MP has told us that he has written to the CEO of Your Housing Group for answers, once we get a response we will update this article.

One resident told us “It is already bad, a completely unresponsive call centre, and emails where often you are fobbed off” he goes on to say “People within the housing will no longer be as responsive since we now can no longer get to see them” good points there.

The housing group does have something of a drop in at the Parish Council, although we are not convinced this is either taking place or is of any value to anyone if it was.

We are also aware that no political people at this time have ever got involved with this issue, only now we contacted the MP do residents have some badly needed political presence.


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