Get your political candidate to participate in an election survey

Manchester Friends of the Earth have asked every councillor in Greater Manchester to fill in an election survey just before the local elections in May.

You can also get your candidate involved, it is noted no one from the Bucklow ward has taken part!

The survey is a mix of questions from cycling to environmental issues, it is a great way to remind the councillors that environmental issues cannot be ignored any longer, it also enhances cycling which is hoped will help give Manchester more so Trafford better cycling infrastructure.

Taking cyclists off the dangerous and always polluted roads in Trafford must be a priority, looking at new routes and where possible fighting network rail to give back to the community any abandoned rail lines.

By getting existing cycle paths that are not often used, made bigger and improved with much better signs, some routes around farm land heading towards Partington could be used, having seen some paths it is a little confusing, it needs to be looked at and made into one path all the way from Broadheath to Partington.

Doing this would get more bums on bikes thus helping the environment, political people are the best hope of change, get them working for you!

You can see the full list of candidates and what they said, including how to contact councillors who have not yet bothered HERE


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