GM Mayor Andy Burnham responds about the Partington Local Link cut

Partington has poor public transport links and cutting the Local Link service was not a good thing, having one bus less would severely impact those that used the popular service.

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We spoke with TFGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) and gave us a fairly standard and somewhat poor reply considering they have hit many people in an area that already struggles with poor public transport.

This was not good enough for us, how could TFGM cut this vital service, so we contacted Andy Burnham the Greater Manchester Mayor who has now responded you can see the entire letter above,

Andy Burnham said:”Partington Local Link is paid for by TFGM and operated under contract by a transport operator, these contracts are competitively tendered to ensure the best price and TFGM had a limited budget to provide this service”

He goes on to say “Unfortunately I have been advised that TFGM did not receive a contract price offer from any operator that was even close to the current price for Partington Local Link.

Although the changes made are really only going to hit morning services and where they drop people off and where they now go, Mr Burnham has said he would monitor the situation.

We are genuinely pleased that the mayor is to monitor how things are going, and thank him for his reply that hopefully will help Partington residents in the long run.


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