Crime figures go up across the board in England and Wales

Official crime statistics was released today showing an overall increase in crime across the board.

The statistics are not a true picture of what is going on out in our suburbs of our cities in our country, as there is a big rise in most recorded crimes, you have to adjust this figure as much higher since we all know lots of crimes do not get reported for one reason or another, we will never get a true indication on what the real statistics.

You can view all the current statistics HERE

Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police said: “Today’s crime figures show what we have all known for sometime – that crime has gone up across all areas of policing.

“While there is no single reason for this, it is true to say that new ways of recording crime and data integrity accounts for half of this increase.

“We all know that crime is far more complex that in the past, partly due to the internet and digital technology, as well as the changing nature of crime with offences such as online sexual exploitation and modern slavery, sadly a common occurrence, our attendance at incidents is getting longer because of the complexity and the necessity to capture information to safeguard people and better record crimes, on average we spend 40 minutes longer at an incident that we did five years ago.”

He also mentioned that the force has lost 2000 officers, due to funding cuts, something which we feel is irresponsible by this Tory government, putting us all at risk like this cannot be right, it will affect the Tory voter!

Greater Manchester Police do an exceptional job with the reduced numbers working for them and cuts to the budget.





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