Local election war in Timperley takes a twist

The local elections are not far off now and the war of words between candidates more so in the Timperley ward gets hotter by the day, it makes for a more interesting time for the candidates who are all in the mix to win gold on May 4th when the results are announced at the Emirates Cricket Ground in Stretford.

We wanted to know for sure who Timperley residents were going to vote for, and so did a survey, having checked the IP of everyone who voted, we can confirm no one cheated although it is likely candidates may have participated.

Screenshot 2018-04-27 at 7.43.24 PM

Timperley is a hot ward, and has suffered like every other ward in Trafford under the Tories, it is time for a change, a new start, new ideas and a fresher feel.

The survey indicates Labour will win, however, this is just one poll out of a few that will be going around, it is simply not a true indication of what will happen, however good fun and interesting all the same.

We wish all candidates in the Timperley ward all the best, these candidates have and are still working hard, walking in the rain, hail and wind, making sure you are informed.




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