Anti-social behaviour in Partington needs more than just police to sort it out

Partington has had some issues of late most of it anti-social behaviour from bored kids, police have been doing a great job trying to tackle the issues with what little resources they have.

Today police attended with a council official the homes of nine kids and all have signed an acceptable behaviour contract, these kids will at this time behave properly.

The issue is deeper than this, just nine kids out of how many causing a nuisance to residents in the village? as we have said in previous articles it is a range of things as to why Partington has so many problems.

People could blame parenting, poverty, or whatever they like, we blame the stupid government! and the most irresponsible housing association known to mankind! the mix is toxic and Partington suffers the most since it has been neglected by those claiming to represent it.

The Tories did not need to continue with Universal Credit, it is a sick benefit that has made more people homeless than ever before, more people going to foodbanks, more kids in serious poverty than ever before, and in some cases the government have taken away the only proper meal they will get at school, they have taken away youth centres which have caused big problems all over Trafford.

Only today we saw kids roaming around the centre doing wheelies on their bikes even though in front of them was several people at the shopping centre, this could have caused a bad accident, doing this type of thing, nothing can help them, it is senseless and other things these kids do these days.

You will never get ASB fixed in Partington, police will go quiet after the local elections have been and gone, it is always the same, soon as an election as big as this takes place the authorities go into overdrive.

It is hoped though police will continue to good work they are doing after the elections and maybe now with the Trafford Labour candidate who lives in the area, she may be able to do a little more than the other two who, as far as we can see have done little if anything to tackle what is and has always been a problem for M31.




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