Theresa May comes to help the struggling Trafford Tory group

Theresa May came to Trafford today to try and help the struggling Trafford Tories who know they are probably going to be beaten in many wards by Trafford Labour on May 3rd.

She came to Brooklands Primary School in Sale for a chinwag, bit odd coming to a school!  would it not have been better hitting School Road in Sale so she can talk to everyone? or maybe at a retail park someplace?

May was heard saying “Trafford has the lowest Council Tax” how many times have you heard that when you try and get a Tory to own up and admit they have completely messed up not only our borough but the country.

Council tax has risen again, and what do people get for this money? when it first came out you got something for it, under the Tories your getting next to nothing for your money, people are having to pay more for police and nothing will improve, it’s nothing short of being a complete rip off.

Nothing was said about local issues, and anyway she would have dodged them all no doubt, May and her party will struggle to get very far as people are starting to see ‘For once” what is behind that Tory mask and it’s not pretty!

May left Sale during early afternoon looking more grey than normal, maybe she knows the curtain is to come down on her political career soon as the Tories spiral out of control sending out ‘May day’ calls in a desperate attempt to win the public’s trust.

Whilst the Tories are in a desperate situation here in Trafford, they still have a chance, and because of this we also wish them all the best in what will be one of the closest results ever,

We also must remember that the Lib Dems and Greens have a great chance in this years local elections.



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