Washway Road Action Group fed up with the fob offs explores its options

Washway Road Action Group leader Simon Burrows from Sale and many of his followers have had enough of the fob offs from the council about simply making a junction safer for all.

The junction is at a road called ‘The Drive’ and vehicles of all types are using this bit of road irresponsibly and will eventually lead to a serious collision one day, campaigners feel this needs to be fixed before anything bad happens, however the council are sending them gloomy messages.


Indeed the council needs to go through a procedure before anything happens, this could take some time, so far we are aware that only one company has given details of how much it would cost them to do work, no one else has come forward as yet which is truly unhelpful.

We say to residents and to the group concerned to shout a little louder, make more noise these political people will only do something when they are shamed, anything other than that will be almost completely ignored.

Drivers though are to blame for the chaos not the council or anyone else, it is for them to behave in a proper and safe way and to use the junction as intended.

We will continue to offer our full support to this group thus letting the politicians involved that no one is walking away and that we are all in this together for the interests of safety on what is a very dangerous road.

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