Avoid foods that cause inflammation to help pain and reverse some conditions

Some conditions like type 2 diabetes can be controlled and even reversed by ending your use of inflammation causing foods.

Inflammation causes most weight issues and chronic pain in some individuals, the doctor will prescribe you a cocktail of drugs, it seems that in some cases you do not need these often damaging drugs.

Avoid the following foods and watch your body heal itself naturally:

  • Sugar
  • Saturated Fats
  • Fried Food
  • Dairy
  • Artificial sweeteners and Additives
  • Refined Flour
  • Vegetable Oil

Sugar is one of the worst inflammation causing ingredients and sadly as we all know sugar is added in just about everything these days, we all know about fast food being bad for your body, you see when you eat such things it produces a happy chemical in our brain, and it will crave more and more.

Inflammation is bad for our body and we need to look at what we are eating, if you can cut out 50% of the above out of your diet you will see some changes, less tired, more energy, less pains and you will lose weight.

In some studies cutting out foods that cause inflammation reversed type 2 diabetes, although if you have type 1 you will see a big difference, people with chronic pain will see big differences.

So cut out sugar products, chocolate, cakes, ice cream, sweets of any kind, do not go for diet coke or anything with Artificial Sweeteners inside it, stay clear of take away’s as much as you can although we know this is hard, maybe have this once a week.

We suggest that if you are very much into eating junk foods you try to reduce this as much as you can, it is often hard to get off this type of food, however knowing now that it is causing inflammation might help you understand why you have so much pain, why you feel like you have just done a marathon, why you may be overweight, and the list goes on.

Some foods like beef and chicken contain antibiotics as many animals are fed a cocktail of drugs throughout their life, this remains in the meat even after slaughter, animals like cows and sheep including pigs and others are mostly fed pain relief drugs and nasty things to keep them fatter, we know that farmed Salmon are all fed a cocktail of drugs.

These drugs once in our body causes serious issues and inflammation, over time it will weaken our immune system and this causes a range of issues, the beef you get from a chippy or chinese will almost certainly contain these drugs, even if its fried, in fact that makes things worse, since it will be covered in vegetable oil and likely if it is from a Chinese will have MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) all over your food which is a neuro toxin, what that does is tricks the brain into thinking you are not hungry, so you eat more, it is also true it does improve flavour.

The choice is yours, after reading this we are sure that you will tale our recommendations and stop or reduce your intake of foods that cause inflammation.


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