One Trafford worker badly injured in a Sale park

A One Trafford worker was injured today at around 11.30am in Walton Park in Sale.

The worker was seen in the back of a van bandaged up with blood seeping through the back part of his lower arm.

Work was stopped immediately and he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, it is likely he will have many stitches in what looks like a nasty injury.

It is thought he cut his arm whilst he was doing thick hedges near the play area.

The workers left the hedges and it is not known if they will return to remove what they had chopped down, as blood was pouring out, and likely to be all over that area, we suggest not to be going anywhere near the hedges.




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  1. I’m the actual worker and I would like to say I’m fine,yes a few stitches were needed but I was in work the following day to complete the job.
    May I add that there was no blood in the area involved as the wound only started bleeding when the bandages were tightly strapped by a colleague.
    Thankyou and I look forward to improving the park and parks we as a team are responsible for.


    • Hello Danny, thanks for your message, we have had loads of people wishing you all the best, glad you are sorted out now and was not as bad as first feared, residents may complain sometimes however they care about you guys that is for sure, have a nice weekend.


      • The cut was quickly tended to by my experienced colleagues it was a bad cut but nothing that will stop me and the whole team by providing a service for the people to enjoy.
        Thanks to all for there concern.


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