Trafford Labour grab the limelight but it was the Greens who grabbed the spotlight


Local election night here in Trafford was not just about the way Labour killed off the Tories in many wards or the way the Lib Dems battled hard and came fairly close to winning in Timperley, it was all about Altrincham.

The Green Party stole all the glory overnight winning two seats in a Tory stronghold, they put in a huge amount of effort in Altrincham, we went out with them once door knocking and talking to residents of Altrincham fed up with the mess the Tories have created.

The team must also be congratulated, for those who worked hard for both candidates must now be given a pat on the back, they deserved this win without question and now a good mix will be in the chambers and the Tories have less of a shout meaning Trafford will be in better hands.

We are also delighted for Brooklands who now have a Labour councillor, a huge relief came over the area when the result was announced, with residents in the ward fed up with the same old boring Tory nonsense.

Although Labour won many wards here in Trafford, the Tories grabbed many also leading to a no overall control of the council.

We hear people complaining about why Bowdon and Hale are in Trafford since they are so far out, they always vote for the Tories, we will leave you to figure out why this is!

The Bucklow result was already won by Trafford Labour since no one was challenging the candidate, this was not democracy in action in this ward, we saw many tweets saying the area now has three dorks instead of the two.

Partington is on the edge of a cliff with regards to what is going to happen to it in the next year or so, it needed a strong councillor who would go that extra mile for them all, and be there for them in times of need, no one stepped up, it was a dreadful day for Partington and for Bucklow St Martins ward.

You can see a full list ward by ward of what happened overnight here in Trafford by clicking this LINK





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