Warning issued for people going in and out of Walton Park in Sale

We are warning people to be switched on as they go through and out off Walton Park in Sale after drivers coming from the Sports Centre have been seen speeding and also getting very angry with people who have done nothing wrong.

Indeed one of our reporters going through the Raglan Road entrance was minding his own business when a big white car stopped, it was the size of a bus! he told us that someone shouted at him, but carried on and then heard the male shout “Have you got a problem or something” obviously he had been on the gear and our reporter calmly went on his way.

We investigated further often spending time looking around the sports centre, and without any question something is going on at the centre, more and more irate people coming from it, we are also aware of suspected steroid use and likely other drugs at the gym.

Some locals have told us steroid and drug use it is happening at the centre although we cannot confirm this is true, however a gym user who we have today spoken with told us that he had seen steroid use in the centre.

The use of Steroids as we all know gives you a fake and fairly short muscular body, the side effects are not great and long term use will ultimately cause serious health issues.

Cars speeding out of the park is rather concerning to us, since this park is a family park, children have been seen running or cycling along the path from the play area going northbound on to the bit of road that leads into and out of the park on to Raglan Road/Walton Road could easily be knocked down.

Having irate drivers possibly on something is not what we want to be seeing in this often troubled park.

We have contacted police about the incident that occurred recently and to check the sports centre who itself are very likely to be unaware of incidents and are not responsible for people’s actions whilst they are off the premises.

Obviously on the premises they can and we hope that now with our article and police involvement the sports centre can keep an eye on things from now on so that no one within the park has to deal with the sort of abuse our reporter had to go through and even more importantly that drivers coming from the centre actually understand that this is a park not a formula one circuit.


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