Clear up needed in a Partington park and things are getting smelly

We have been in many parks in Trafford, and have come up against problems such as fly tipping, however what we saw yesterday on Cross Lane Park in Partington was truly disgusting.

A dog poop bin we are told was blown up and was not replaced, since then dog poop bags have been placed on what was left of the bin and underneath it.

Things are so bad you can see someone had left a pair of gloves on top, on this stand we can see many bags, it truly is disgusting, and the smell is vile.

It is a two-way thing here, the first for One Trafford not to be cleaning this up and replacing the bin, the other is why are people even doing this? is it not simply disgusting that you are coming into contact with other dog poop bags? and with a dog poop bin near the skate park, would it have not been safer and more environmentally friendly to have dumped it all in that one?

We are not sure even now if anyone has complained to One Trafford, although we have reported this now and hopefully sometime this week this disgusting mess can be cleared and a new bin installed.



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