6 youths served with Anti social behaviour injunctions in Trafford


Anti social behaviour is on the rise and most of it has been around Metrolink stations in Trafford.

Police today confirm six youths all under the age of 16 have been served anti social behaviour injunctions.

With the injunction comes some terns and conditions:

  • Exclusion from five Metrolink stations that being Altrincham Interchange, Navigation Road, Timperley and Sale without a parent or guardian.
  • prohibited from being in possession of any sharp instruments like a knife in any part of Trafford
  • Prohibited from associating with or have any contact with each other at any public location in Trafford except when attending organised activities with and in the presence of Trafford Youth Services or when attending school, Court, police station or for a pre-arranged appointment at a doctors or hospital

Police have also mentioned that some youths are carrying craft knifes which are legal so long as they are less than 3 inches.

The law most definitely needs to be changed so that craft knifes are also made illegal as soon as possible as serious damage can be caused by any blade of any size.

Trafford Council and partners including police have been doing great work to tackle anti social behaviour in the borough and continue to resolve many of the issues residents face.



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