Your Housing Group invests £150m in Partington this summer

After consultations had taken place Your Housing Group have now confirmed they will spend £150m on transforming certain parts of the estate.

We also took part in the consultations and will do with more that are on the horizon.

It is widely known the Oak Road shopping area is in bad need of refurbishment, actually the shopping area needs pulling down, and with the Redbrook Pub being bulldozed this will be a perfect time to build a proper shopping development.

The many cut through’s will be blocked off and it is claimed new housing will be built and some existing housing will be demolished.

It is not known exactly what the plans are for Partington, however it is badly needed and will be much-needed once the housing developments around and in Partington are in full operation and that is in as little as a years time!

Your Housing Group must do more for this village, and we hold them to their word about this £150m investment over the summer, as in the past they have not done what was planned.

The housing group are to open the Annex as a project office for the team managing the investment of the Partington estate.

Communications is vital for any plans as big as this and the housing group are completely committed to making sure all residents know what is happening and can talk to them through hubs that people can go to during the summer months.


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