Several Trees brought down in Walton Park in Sale

Workers were seen today cutting what was thought to be hedges, it turns out several trees have been cut down in Walton Park.


The huge gap on the south-facing side near to the bowling greens make things look very weird.

Residents had complained to the council for years to get these trees cut down simply because of the shade! no other reasons are known at this time.

They apparently paid upwards of £200 for a private firm to come in, we have seen trees actually in the park being cut down which instantly brings in the council, we are assured that they gave the workers clearance however we have contacted One Trafford for more information.

With the amount of bats around which are a protected species was they ever thought about during or before work began? and we would ask what about the residents now having to put up with possible intrusion as they will no longer have as much privacy from the park as they had before.



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