Trafford Labour link up with the Lib Dems

In a meeting held last night the Trafford liberal Democrat Group and Trafford Labour have decided to link up together in what will be seen as a disaster for those in Blue.

The Liberal Democrats and Labour groups acknowledge that no party has overall control
What does all this mean for the residents of Trafford, well the conditions of the meeting last night are below:
  • No more Green Bin Tax
  • Full protection of the green belt that Trafford has and have a build on brown field first approach to the GMSF
  • The council will bring forward plans for a highways investment programme for 2019/20
  • More involvement of local residents in any decisions the council makes
  • Labour will publish a plan to address the problems within the Amey contract
  • Better support for friends of park groups
  • The council will bring forward targets for carbon reduction in line with all other boroughs of Greater Manchester and to reduce the use of plastics.
  • A plan to ensure more affordable homes are built within the borough and a letting system that works unlike now
  • Youth services will be given the kiss of life
  • Timperley’s parking problems fixed

We expect more things to come in the months ahead, where you may find both Lib Dems and Labour may or may not agree.

Reaction to this news came in, one from an ex Lib Dem councillor Neil Taylor who said “congratulations to Andrew Western on becoming the new leader of Trafford Council.

“As a Lib-Lab coalition is formed we will be keeping a very close eye on the administration and how things pan out, longer term.

“I will be paying particular attention to what actually happens with the Timperley Wedge proposal, and also the Timperley Community centre once the new library opens.”

The next council meeting will be held on May 23rd where we will see the plans taking shape and get some reaction from the Trafford Tories who have so far been unavailable for comment.






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