We are all in for a real treat this weekend

What a weekend it will be for all of us not just in Trafford but for the entire world, and the weather is being nice which is a bonus.

The Royal wedding and the FA Cup Final will take place tomorrow 19th May, the wedding will start at midday and the FA Cup will kick off at 5.15pm.

And on Sunday we have the Manchester 10K run and half marathon that goes through Trafford this will start at 11am.

The Royal wedding will be something very special for all to see, it is expected many people from around the globe will be watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the not at Windsor Castle.

After that event comes another globally watched event as Chelsea take on Manchester United in the FA Cup Final, Chelsea have not been on fire all season and many expect the manager to be replaced for next season, however he takes his team into the final knowing he faces a huge task in beating Manchester United.

United although by their high class standards could admit that the season just gone was a little up and down despite coming second in the league could come into this game and kill Chelsea before half-time if they wanted to.

It all depends on if they turn up or not, this has been the issue all season long, and only speculative comments can establish the reasons for it, either way United fans have to hope the team are up for it and win this historical and well-loved around the world competition.

On Sunday another great couple of event’s are taking place with the Manchester 10K and half marathon running events taking place in Manchester, many thousands of runners are taking part for charity or to get a better time than last year.

We hope all runners have prepared well for this run, although 10K is not a huge distance and everyone should be able to complete the course, you still have to prepare for the event, you should look at everything, your trainers, kit and your food and water intake well before the race.

Some amazing events taking place this weekend and with the weather being nice to us as it has been the past few days, it will be one to remember.

However if you are planning on going to the City Centre tomorrow you may get caught up in a demo which could turn nasty, the two groups Football Lads Alliance and United Against Fascism will be at 11am at St Peter’s Square.


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