United beaten by an average Chelsea side in the FA Cup final at Wembley

The day was a special one for the UK with the royal wedding at lunch time and the showpiece football final at tea-time.

United looked nervous from the start, to be fair so did Chelesea, both just getting a feel of the pitch and settling in to what was supposed to be a great game of football, it turned out to be somewhat different.

Whilst Manchester United did have more of the ball, they lacked that special something in midfield, many of the players looked leggy, very tired and not that interested, it looked like many of the United players were out of position.

Chelsea on the other hand kept with it, looked a little more capable of making things happen without really doing much to trouble David De Gea in the Manchester United goals.

The game had 0-0 from the start, sadly Phil Jones had other plans, fouling a Chelsea player and Eden Hazard stepped and scored from the penalty spot on 22 minutes.

Nothing much changed, United still could not find anything, and at the half time break the score was 1-0 to Chelsea.

Normally Mourinho gets the players worked up enough to work harder, they did play a little better, Rashford was now doing better, as it happens it was all United in the second half, sadly the Chelsea defence held out, the pressure though was relentless by a now concerned United side.

Jones got a whack on the head, I don’t think anyone cared at this point, time was running out, with only 19 minutes on the clock left, United made two substitutions, with Lukaku and Mata coming on, although Martial had a couple of good chances and did make a difference it was little too late.

The referee gave the game an extra 5 minutes, despite United continuing to add pressure on Chelsea, the game was lost as United could not find that bit of class, that predatory instinct that Sanchez was supposed to have.

United’s season finishes on a rather sour note, although runners-up Mourinho and Manchester United will just be relieved that they are in the Champions League next season which seems to be the only thing they play for these days.


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