Great day for a Great Manchester Run

What a day for running, the sun beaming down on thousands of runners participating in one of the biggest couple of running events in the UK if not Europe, that draws many of the elite athletes from around the world.

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The half marathon got underway first, it was then followed by the wheel chair race and then the elite woman’s race followed by the elite men’s race and lastly everyone else competing and raising money for charity,

As the day progressed the heat became intense, the elite women’s race was delayed for some reason, they came around Sir Matt Busby way like a steam train, our eyes on Gemma Steel who looked good although ended up coming 7th overall.

The men’s race got underway shortly after and they also looked fast today, all focused on winning the race.

Here are the full results men’s and women’s in time order for Sale Harriers Manchester athletes:

  1. Gavin Hill (28) time 33:14
  2. Matthew Beacock (40) time 34.32
  3. Ken Hunt (42) time 34:49
  4. Sam Aspinwall (46) time 35:17
  5. (W) Jenna Hill (11) time 35:19
  6. Steven Pennington (97)  time 37:41
  7. Peter Shipley (117)  time 38:22
  8. Kian Lindsey (140) time 39:05
  9. Jon Terry (143) time 39:12
  10. (W) Sarah Douglas time (25) time 39:13

Trafford Athletic Club times:

  1. Mac O’Malley (39) time 34:26
  2. Graham Hogg (70) time 36:41
  3. (W) Vicki Cronin (24) time 38:41
  4. James Wall (136) time 39:00
  5. Blake Ellis (155) time 39:35
  6. (W) Amy Cauley (249) time 41:18
  7. (W) Sarah Hudak (261) time 41:29
  8. Greg Emmerson (295) time 41:58
  9. Michael Marshall (2024) time 50:40
  10. (W) Cherisse Walley (2325) time 51:35

We congratulate everyone for getting through the events through what was a sweltering day, many thousands of pounds were raised as a result of many of those that did get through it.

We saw a few blind runners and disabled on the course with their guides, these guides are very special people, and we cannot congratulate them enough and respect all the hard work they put in to making sure blind and disabled people can compete in able bodied events.


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