Another bank holiday coming up will we see the warm weather continue?

As another bank holiday approaches will we see the current good weather continue? although the next bank holiday is a week today weather predictions are for it to continue and likely for it to get even warmer in some places.

Met office predictions are some places in the UK will see 25c over the bank holiday weekend as high pressure dominates the scene.

During the week though some places will see intense showers some of a thundery nature, however this is hit and miss so we think Trafford will be sunny and warm on most days during the week with some cloud here and there.

With this hot weather, you must remember not to be putting your pets in the car, even with the window down a bit, the car will get too warm, you must have felt it when you have got back in the car and its like an oven, can you imagine then what would happen to an animal? dogs will die in hot cars!

Drink plenty of fluids, make sure older people and the vulnerable are fine as they may struggle, make sure they have enough drink and that they are comfortable.



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