Manchester Arena attacks one year on we shall never forget

That sunny and warm evening one year on today will be one that will always be remembered, it was out of the blue!, whilst in a local park we heard loud bangs, and news came in of a serious incident at the Manchester Arena.

It was all a bit messy, no one knew what was going on for a time just that a serious incident had happened, more time elapsed and the incident became more serious, several people had died and it was thought someone had bombed the venue.

More time elapsed and the horrific pictures came in with people with blood from injuries all over their clothes, ambulance staff frantically treating badly injured people mostly children.

We now know police a suicide bomber had blown himself up at the arena killing 22 innocent people who were enjoying a concert.

It was a sad night for Manchester, we all felt it, we still do, however the strength of our people, with messages of support from all around the world for weeks after, we soon got back on our feet and got on with it.

Whilst never forgetting what happened on that night of the Manchester Arena attacks, we should remember how we coped with the incident and a message firmly sent to those who wish to kill our people, to cause destruction and hurt, “You cannot mess with Manchester people, our strength makes you weaker, and we are not afraid of anything here!

Our amazing emergency services despite the odd glitch were on the scene fast, police and first responder’s going in head first not even knowing what was going on at the start, paramedics making sure those that needed treatment got it, well done to all of them, you were all starts that night.

Manchester is now even more stronger, we are all United!

(Image: Tree planted in memory of those who died in the Manchester Arena attacks in Partington)


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