Peel’s half finished job in Partington must be completed

The question is raised time and time again as to what is going to be built behind the boards opposite Partington shopping centre on Central Road.

Where once stood a perfectly good library, well used and loved by all the community and a doctor’s surgery that lets face it has passed its sell by date, the clinic next to it was fairly modern and could have continued.

We know from plans seen that a themed bar was to be built and a taxi base, it seems these plans have been abandoned, and as time has gone on locals are now resigned to thinking that nothing is going to happen and all they will ever see are boards.

We have asked Peel who own the site several times to let us know what is happening, all attempts have failed, even trying as a resident did not work! they are truly one dreadful organisation where communications are concerned.

Those that claim to represent you (Trafford Labour) should be asking questions now! we urge them to do this!

More information will be published about what is to be built behind them boards soon.


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