Police on the look out for a man from Stretford who hid a handgun in a garden where kids were playing

National Crime Agency (NCA) investigators are seeking a Manchester man as part of an investigation into the criminal supply of firearms.

Dean Anthony Kirby aged 30, originally from Stretford is known to frequent the Old Trafford, Stretford, Sale and Wythenshawe areas of the city.

He is wanted for questioning following the discovery of a handgun, ammunition and silencer after NCA officers executed a search warrant at an address in Stretford, last October. The weapon was found in a garden where children had been playing.

Greg McKenna, NCA regional head of investigations, said:

“The circumstances of this seizure were alarming to say the least. But in locating it we have taken one more deadly weapon off the streets of Manchester, and this will have a direct impact in preventing violent crime on our streets.

“We now urgently need to speak to Dean Kirby in relation to this matter and I would ask that anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts contact us.

“I would also point out that anyone helping him or frustrating our attempts at finding him could find themselves being arrested themselves for the offence of assisting an offender. This is a serious offence which could be punishable by a prison sentence of up to seven years.”

Anyone with information on Kirby’s whereabouts should contact the NCA on 0370 496 7622 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111


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