Three people jailed after they set a house on fire and killing four children in Salford


Three people were jailed today May 24th after they set a house on fire throwing petrol bombs through the window in Salford killing 4 children.

The three Zak Bolland aged 24 from Worsley, David Worrall aged 26 also from Worsley and Courtney Breierley aged 21 from Worsley today May 24th were found guilty of the murder of 15-year-old Demi Pearson, 8-year-old Brandon Pearson, 7-year-old Lacie Pearson and 3-year-old Lia Pearson.

Bolland was also found guilty of the attempted murder of their mum, Michelle Pearson and their 16-year-old brother Kyle Pearson and his 16-year-old friend Bobby Harris.

Worrall was also found guilty of three counts of attempting to cause GBH with intent in those same three people.

Bolland will serve a minimum 40 years in prison and Worrall a minimum of 37 years behind bars.

Brierley was found guilty of the manslaughter of Demi, Brandon, Lacie, and Lia, she was given 21 years in prison.

Shortly before 5am on December 11th 2017, police and GMFRS were called to reports of a house fire on Jackson Street in Walkden,

On arrival they were confronted by a bad house fire, Fire fighters battled to get the fire under control and rescue those inside.

Sadlym Demi, Brandon and Lacie died in the fire, Lia was taken to hospital but tragically died later.

The mother Michelle Pearson remains in hospital receiving treatment to her injuries and has only recently been well enough to be told about the deaths of her children.

During the course of a four-week trial, the court heard how Bolland, Worrall and Brierley made home-made petrol bombs in the kitchen of a nearby address.

Brierley waited in a car parked up nearby while Bolland and Worrall smashed through the kitchen window of the Pearson’s home and threw the home-made petrol bombs in to the kitchen and living room.

This left no possibility of escape for the young children or their mother as the house was immediately engulfed in flames.

This was without any doubts the most shocking and upsetting news articles we have ever done.


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