Does the future look bright for Partington?

Partington is firmly on the map, without question the area now is thought about and hopefully soon very much cared about.

Let’s look at what is coming up and what challenges the 8000 or so residents that live their will have to face in the next couple of years and what we feel needs to be done about it.

  • Future Carrington: This is a gigantic village about a mile or so east of Partington with thousands of new people living there we expect many of these people will explore Partington
  • Heath Farm Lane: The housing development in Partington will mean a further couple of thousand people living in the area, no new shopping or medical infrastructure is planned
  • Peel Lock Lane: It will happen, however Peel communicate from the moon so it will take many moons to get some information as to when building will start.
  • Your Housing Group: This dreadful housing group that has done so much damage to Partington is actually trying to patch over this by claiming they have a £150m to redesign the estate.
  • HS2: This will also happen at some point in the future, it is important to talk about this now to make sure residents all over Partington understand what it means before and after the train line has been completed.

What is needed right now is for the three Trafford Labour councillors and some help from the Parish Council to get the message out on what is about to hit everyone on how to minimise the impact of so much change in such a small time scale.

We are delighted that both HIMOR and Linden/Laurus homes have relented under extreme pressure from us and all residents concerned with the traffic situation by opening up the A1 road and extending it to Carrington Lane, including improvements to Manchester Road and that dreadful and often confusing Flixton Road junction.

This is helpful, however Partington residents who will feel the full force of all the developments will need to understand that unless new shopping and medical infrastructure is in place before all these housing developments take in all these new people who everyone will find it hard to use the current facilities.

Although traffic will be much improved because of the new road, it will still be chaos around it, since people will need to go into Altrincham on a frequent basis to get their shopping, Moss Lane/Sinderland Lane will be jammed, the amount of cars and vans hitting this area will block the route.

Sinderland Lane often used by cyclists will not be able to take all this new traffic, buses will be stuck, in the winter just gone everyone saw the amount of potholes on the country lane, some so big a 247 bus got stuck in one! this was mostly down to the increase in traffic and not just the weather! with thousands more cars on this country lane you can see One Trafford will need to do a full resurface not just cover up the patches.

Your Housing Group have sent us a letter claiming £150m will be given to the area soon to change things a little, buildings will be demolished, it is likely many will go around the Oak Road area including the shopping facility that is long past its sell by date and looks in a bad state.

It is likely also many of the side passages will be blocked which we completely agree with, despite our understandably negative view of the housing group, any new money is welcomed, however they have lied before, for example they claimed to be building a state of the art or at least a modern football pitch at the back of their own HQ on Wood Lane, they boasted so much it got into local newspaper! what did they do? of course cut the grass clean up what needed cleaning up and add a couple of Argos Value goal posts and that was it!

Their was other things they have lied about, something the housing in Partington are very good at! take a look at the state of the football pitch now! the grass is up to your knees, they have abandoned this field which was used by many kids to play football or just to hang out.

We are keeping a close eye on this housing group, and it is also for the three councillors and those that often spew out hot air in groups to keep a close eye on the housing group, if it turns out the £150m that has been given to the area was another lie, it is for them to make sure and once and for all this housing group should be given the boot and let in a responsible more professional organisation come in and look after the area and its residents.

Peel and the Lock Lane housing development will happen at some point, this will create another nightmare for the area, swelling the village with the Heath Farm Lane development from around 8000 residents now to over 12,000 again no new shopping or medical infrastructure is planned.

HS2 is happening, it will take many years though, it is now the people who represent the residents need to be slowly telling people of what is going to happen, so everyone knows what this means and how it will impact people.

The train line will run extremely close to the Oak Road area, the damage to green belt land will be extensive, whilst work is carried out we see much disruption for Partington and Warburton residents, Warburton Lane will certainly be closed off and a redirection in place.

LIght and noise pollution will be seen and heard all over Partington during construction, once it has all been done trains will hit that part of the line at about 200mph, what does this mean to Partington? well vibration is one of the problems, if you live closer to the line the worse it gets.

Noise will be an issue right across Partington, everyone will hear it more so at night, we know how badly built some flats are in Partington, Tulip Road flats being one of them all three will feel the full effect of HS2.

Partington needs representing, and now! not the hot air we have heard for decades, with the right infrastructure in place, all this could in fact be great for Partington, it is for those that claim to represent you to come out and talk with you, and continue the dialogue so to ease fears and put in place a plan so no one in Partington feels the full force of the changes that are on their doorstep.


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