Car Share alternative ending had mixed reactions

Car share was without any questions or doubts one of the best comedy programmes in its history.

The tale of two strangers car sharing came across very well on the small screen, every episode was a delight, ending normally with a smile on your face.

Peter Kaye (John) and Sian Gibson (Kayleigh) starred as the main characters in the show that ran for two series.

Every episode in the first series made us all laugh, and kept us entertained throughout and always left us with a smile on our faces, so good was the script and how amazing both characters played the roles of John Redmond and Kayleigh Kitson.

When the end came people could not accept it was the end, it was so popular, so Peter Kaye decided to do another smaller series which did not hit the very highs of any of the first season, we laughed lots in one episode with the chimp, we laughed at other parts.

It was if the writers decided to mess with our heads right at the last episode when John and Kayleigh was in the car stuck in a traffic jam, kayleigh shown her true feelings for John, but he was not having any of it, the feelings for Kayliegh got higher, we felt so sorry for her, a hug would have helped everything at this point, John continued to show no interest and Kayleigh had enough and walked to a taxi.

It was great the way they jumped into John’s dreams which shown maybe his true feelings for Kayleigh, sadly the camera came back into his car and Kayleigh went of into the sunset.

After huge reaction on social media which Kaye obviously saw, he had to do another one, an alternative ending, this was aired a couple of days ago and ended completely differently.

Instead of Kayleigh running off, she stayed and understood, Kaye giving her a gigantic walkman at the start of the alternative episode came back out during the ending sequence, before this though the writers played with our minds again, with some shocking scenes where just about everyone gasped.

Not only did Kayleigh got out of the car just to save a hedgehog which was nice, she caused a minor collision, they both got in the car, however John needed to check if everyone was alright, as he opened the door, a van came past and smashed the door half way down the road.

Both John and Kayleigh was then seen getting on an Arriva bus, nice plug for them! both were on the back seat, it was then Kayleigh brought out this huge Walkman and shared an earphone with John playing a song he had written for her which was apparently written by Take That star Gary Barlow, the pop band were seen earlier in the episode where John was singing the song in like a music video scene.

Once both were listening to the music John then started to smile, Kayleigh then got his hand and both were interlocked, with Kayleigh putting her head on his shoulder was a sweet scene, however John continued to be like a stone and shown very little affection for her which kind of wrecked the episode.

We feel another series will be made, it ended in a way that would suggest it is not the end, this is a success for a the BBC and one that must never go away.

Sian is an excellent actress and plays the character very well, and we miss her even now! here’s to the next series!

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