Poor road surface could lead to a bad crash say Partington residents

Many complaints have come in to us about Manchester Road in Partington where a stretch of about 20 metres of the road is so bad it is causing drivers to swerve around it.


We went along to investigate and saw how bad the the surface was and drivers avoiding and swerving the area, going in the opposite lane was scary! even to watch!

A report has gone in to One Trafford to urgently get this part of the road repaired, one resident told us that if nothing is done a big crash will happen one day, others have also said the same things, they are rightly concerned, many residents also are concerned about the damage to cars and vans due to how bad the surface is.

We cannot and will not let Partington decay, and will make sure One Trafford gets some tarmac on this bit of worn out road and soon!

Drivers must not swerve into the other lane at all costs even if you think it is clear to do so, instead until work is completed go slow as you approach, this way no damage can be caused and the most important thing is that you are safe on what is a very busy and dangerous road.








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