Recorded crime in Partington has increased by 19%

Crime increased in Partington by 19% according to the latest figures comparing the same month last year to this year we can see the rise.

As we are aware Trafford has only 12 officers for the entire borough, cuts to the police service and cuts to funding are directly responsible for the increases in crime in our borough.

Police do a great job with the limited numbers of officers they have.

Partington road by road stats:

  • Rutland Road – 10 recorded crimes
  • Hampshire Road -9
  • Chapel Lane -7
  • Central Road -6
  • Cumberland Road -6
  • Derwent Close -5
  • Larch Road -5
  • Cedar Road- 4
  • Wood Lane -4
  • Willow Road -3

The 19% increase in crime will be more like 50% since police are not always reporting incidents this includes the public.

Before the ‘New’ councillor came along the same individual was boasting about how ‘Up’ Partington was, nothing wrong with bigging up an area you live in, however reality is something different one she is far from.

It is for the residents to stand up to criminality, to get these lazy councillors to work for their money that YOU pay for, including their holidays that many people can only dream about when they win the lottery!

Trafford as a whole is becoming less safe, it is not just Partington, criminals know that you cannot even ring for help now as the 101 service is not working proper, instead it seems all it is good for is grabbing money from you since you will have been charged even if you did not get through..how much do GMP make on all these calls?

Working your councillors and MP is the best way to get results, to get what is needed for your area, not parish councillors! they have no powers or uses money for things no one needs.

Do not stop complaining to them, ring, email even get a campaign together, get together and show the Trafford Labour councillors that ‘No longer will they be able to hide, tell lies anymore’ and that they will now have to help in what is an increasingly and troubling time for Partington residents.

Worries about the new housing developments, transport and roads, shopping and medical facilities, pollution is high up on the list of concerns.

SAICA stinking out the area so bad you can taste paper! is that really just steam? the pollution from that oil burner factory that lights up the Manchester sky to an orange glow must concern many people in Partington, when burning we can smell the pollution.


It is time to challenge, time for action, get rid of those that claim they care when in reality they do not, and for those who tell outsiders they are not welcome should never be part of any group, it is shocking to hear these people talk this way when the area needs all the help it can get.


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