5G trials are taking place in Manchester

With 5G just around the corner all our mobile networks one by one will start testing the new service which takes things to another level.

However and many would agree that our big mobile phone networks cannot even give us a decent service on 3G let alone 4 or 5G, so what chances have they got to provide everyone with a good signal on 5G? and would it not be better for these networks to concentrate on providing people with a good signal on both 3G and 4G first?

EE and Three are the worst offenders for bad signal here in Trafford as tested by ourselves we found both networks to be bad in all areas of the borough other than Old Trafford where generally we found signal to be strong on all the networks.

To be fair to the networks there are radio shadows in many places and other things that can cause signal issues, even the building you are in could cause problems, high trees and anywhere near water will be problematic for all signals.

The networks  though have always relied on a false coverage map which is only a prediction, however they have in recent times offered a live outage map which is of use to many people complaining they cannot get any signal.

5G capable handsets will be available soon, the first of which we believe to be a Huawei although other big names will jump on board very fast, likely the handsets coming in the third quarter will have 5G capabilities like the Google Pixel 3 and likely all the new iPhones in September.

In Trafford the best signals were generally from O2 and Vodafone, their maps offered a truer picture, so those using Giff Gaff and Tesco Mobile will be very happy with coverage.

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