Dirty and greasy is why a chippy in Partington got a poor hygiene score

The Village Green chippy on Hall Lane in Partington has been in the community a long time and has served some of the most tasty meals around.

Only last year they were given an improved 4 rating which is just one notch away from the top, this was great for the establishment and more people as a result came to the chippy.

Sadly this year and recently the chippy dropped its standards and now at an all time low of just a 1 rating.

The hygiene score rating goes from a zero which is very bad to a five which is the best, a 1 rating is bad and action needs to be taken, when a chippy has a 2 it is just about acceptable, it could be something like record keeping that got them this score rather than hygiene, a 3 is acceptable and 4 is good, a 5 is what all establishments want, it’s the best score and as a result will see more foot fall.

Having looked at the full inspectors report we are even surprised they got a 1 rating, we have made it easier to understand by using bullet points on what the issues were:

  • No recording of systems last known recording was Feb 2017
  • Not completed allergen information for customers
  • The entire place is dirty
  • Greasy surfaces
  • Cluttery
  • Dirty wash basins
  • Only 2 hand towels both very dirty
  • Gravy and Curry stored in plastic containers were cracked
  • Complaint by customer finding a long black hair in food, no one wearing a hat making the food

The report goes on to say staff are now required to attend or go on a refresher course in the basics of food hygiene although we are not sure at this time if this is voluntary or compulsory.

Management and staff have been told to clean up everything, wash basins and towels, keep recordings of food and fridges/freezers better.

Environmental Health have no confidence this time around in this chippy, and expect if things have not improved may take action until they do in the interests of public safety.

We would like to add that it is likely the owners and staff have since taken on board the recommendations of the inspectors and improved things to an acceptable standard.


(Image: Google Maps)


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