Disabled woman verbally abused and denied access to a toilet at Altrincham Interchange

A disabled woman who went to a toilet at Altrincham Interchange yesterday was we are told ‘verbally abused’ by a member of staff.

So terrifying was her ordeal that she ended up wetting herself and suffered panic symptoms as a result.

Nikki Farrell told us that she was on her way to Altrincham hospital when she had to go to the toilet, she did not have a key to the disabled toilet and pleaded with a member of staff if she could be let in to use the toilet she was then refused access.

As she had her walker with her she could not get through the turnstiles to a normal toilet so had no options but to use the disabled toilet, the member of staff did not care, and shown her  no mercy whatsoever to the extent that she felt threatened by the member of staff.

Despite all the embarrassment and tears Nikki bravely got to the hospital where she was treated for panic before being able to continue with her treatment, she tells us that she had to wear soiled clothes for most of the day.

We have also heard many other complaints about staff at Altrincham Interchange treating people badly, this though was below the standards expected and answers are needed.

Nikki has since contacted TFGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) about her ordeal, and on her behalf we have also contacted them to make sure that nothing like this happens ever again.

We have also contacted a local political councillor for his comments on this dreadful situation.


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