Orange full moon over Trafford but why?

Many people took to social media asking why was the moon orange, some suggested it was to do with the fires on the moors currently raging on due to the heat and wind.


Having checked all our photographs we now can confirm this as accurate as pictures can be seen with a shade of orange in the eastern side of the Manchester sky, this is where the fires are currently burning from our position here in Trafford.

As the moon got into the southern part of the sky it turned back to its normal colour, the picture above was taken at 63x optical zoom so can bypass any light cloud, even this though you can see at the bottom a orange tint.

The fires are currently causing issues for many people in and around saddleworth, although Trafford will not be affected by this fire, we wish all those who are affected all the best and a special mention for all the fire fighters and emergency services who are doing what they can to put this fire out so that everyone is safe.


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