EE signal gets the thumbs down in a countrywide poll

Money Saving Expert conducted a poll to see which network is providing the best in customer service and/or signal.

EE (Everything Everywhere) has so far been given the thumbs down for its signal and Three not far behind.

If you are on a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) things get even worse, we know for sure BT MObile signal is very poor in most areas we have been in, the Three signal is patchy.

As for the other networks, Giff Gaff comes out tops for both customer service and signal, now this is interesting as people voted the O2 signal as alright, nothing great yet Giff Gaff is a MVNO using O2, so how could this be?

Tesco Mobile also using the O2 signal has a great score in this poll, Vodafone is about the same as O2 with people voting that they have a fairly decent signal and customer service.

All the smaller networks like Lebara and 1p Mobile also got votes including Sky Mobile/

What is your signal like in your part of Trafford?

To be fair to the mobile networks signal loss could be a number of things, high trees, dips, water, even what your house is made off could affect signal strength, even your sim could be causing issues.

We think though the people have spoken and EE need to get this sorted as their own name is becoming increasingly misleading, maybe a name change would help ‘Everything Nowhere’ sounds about right.


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