Moors smog seen over Trafford and the latest information from GMFRS

Tonight we could see a plume of dense smoke rolling into Trafford, it was seen heading for western and north western parts of the borough.


The fire has spread due to the heat of the day and wind, under the soil as far down as 6ft fire could reignite due to the soil.

Greater Manchester Fire has been tackling the fires all day, and will be all night with the likely inclusion of military helicopters in the morning.

Here then is the latest update from GMFRS on the worst fire ever to hit the moors.

Group Manager Dean Nankivell, who has been working at the incident today said: “We’ve assessed our current position this evening and we have made great progress today thanks to the hard work from of firefighters who have worked tirelessly in really challenging conditions.

“I would also like to thank all of our partner agencies, volunteers and members of the public. The support we have received has been phenomenal and it really is a big team effort. We will continue to work throughout the night and ensure that our local communities are safe.

“For anyone living in the affected area, I know it’s hot but I would urge you to keep your windows and doors closed. Current air quality levels are safe – but smoke can irritate air passages, the skin and the eyes leading to coughing and wheezing, breathlessness and chest pain. Please limit your time in smoke affected areas if possible.”

Around 34 homes in Calico Crescent were evacuated as a precaution last night (June 26) but all residents have been allowed back into their homes following air quality assessments. One fire engine will remain on Calico Crescent overnight for reassurance to local residents.

We are not planning any more updates unless there are any major developments overnight.

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