Air pollution and the hot weather causing wildlife to suffer

With the hot weather continuing and no change to the weather until late next week and the rise in air pollution from the smoke off the moors we are now seeing wildlife starting to suffer.

Birds are feeling the affects, we saw one crow sat with its beak open and motionless for a while, it looked dead then suddenly it started moving again and came back to life although weary.

Squirrels also are feeling it, the normally agile and speedy creatures today were looking very lethargic and sleepy.

We are not sure if the air pollution can cause wildlife issues, however with the higher than normal particulates in the air, their lungs are way smaller than ours and a lot more sensitive so possible it could be very damaging to these creatures.

For us humans we also have to be mindful about the hot weather and air pollution, if you have any lung issues we suggest to stay inside with the fan on, or in a cool room whilst it is hot, even for super fit athletes we suggest not to be doing too much.

Drink as much as you can, keep an eye on your water, if when going to the toilet your urine is brown you are dehydrated if clear its the thumbs up, always keep your urine clear, the way to do this is to drink enough, more so during the hot weather.

Air pollution is something we cannot do much about other than to keep at the politicians who really do nothing to tackle it, however pressure on them is better than nothing, wearing a cycle mask if you cycle is one way around it, however in the hot weather it will be very difficult to keep one of them on for long.

Do not forget about our pets, we all know by now about dogs in cars or vans, same with any pet, always have a drink for them when they get home and at home, sometimes people forget that because they are home they do not need a drink, they really do need one so make sure some cool water is out for them


Look after all your pets during the hot weather or they will suffer.

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