Two officers assaulted as they arrest a drunken male in Old Trafford

Police were called to an incident involving a drunken man running in and out of traffic on Ayres Road in Old Trafford and at around 6pm on June 25th.

The man was stopped by an officer and spoken to about his behaviour, he was also well-known to the policeman who told the man who was very drunk to behave himself, and the man did what he was told, because no one else reported the man for anything at that time he was sent on his way with the agreement to behave.

Members of the public soon after got upset with the officer, who then told him some sickening things that this man had said to them earlier in the day, after hearing this the officer with the help of a colleague went to search for the man, he was spotted a short time later and arrested.

The man assaulted both officers whilst being arrested.

He was later charged with 10 offences, he was in court the next day and was bailed on the conditions he does not enter any part of Trafford and other conditions.

The officer felt some sadness that some members of the community gave him some stick, however the officer was unaware of what went on during the day and once he was aware did his best to capture this drunken man and actively made sure he got charged.





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