Road chaos moments before the Altrincham Festival parade came through

Chaotic scenes on Stockport Road in Altrincham as organisers in charge of the roads messed up.

Motorists were seen turning around into live east bound traffic which could have been a disaster, fortunately for them and the parade no accidents happened.

The parade came through much later than had been planned, once it did arrive it delighted the crowds looking on, it was the rocket though that was what people had come to see.


It was a smaller parade than has been seen in recent years, no HGV’s beeping their horns, we only counted a few floats this time, and only one farmers truck, the parade had lots of kids from the girl guides and the scouts.

The army cadets were present and plenty of police making sure everything was ticking over, they may have felt better off due to how fast the parade went through.


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We heard people moaning after the parade had gone on how short the parade was and could see some disappointed faces,  it was not so bad, the cheery people on the floats waving to everyone and with the weather so nice it was worth the effort.

We congratulate the organisers and the participants for the parade, they do though need to look at who is in charge of the roads next time!