United win and Mourinho releases some negative energy

Manchester United won tonight against Young Boys and Mourino shows his frustrations by taking on a crate of plastic drink bottles.

The game in the first half was so boring, the half empty stadium and those watching at home fell asleep for most of it, despite Rashford’s billion chances he missed every one of them, still though he was the one showing some effort.

Lingard also had his chances, he is a great player, just looks to have lost some confidence, running wild, no composure.

We all started to wake up again just in time to see the only save David De Gea had to make in the entire game, and what a save he made, stretching his body like Superman he clawed the ball to safety keeping the score 0-0.

In the second half Young Boys started to look dangerous, actually they were fairly good in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the field and one of the worst in the last 4th that fans and neutrals watching at home has ever seen.

Mourinho had some great players on the bench, some complaining why the hell was Pogba and Mata on the bench! they though with Lukaku came on and made some difference, Lukaku heading wide was the start of a comeback, and United did much better once they was on.

Full time was approaching, the game now was much better with both teams attacking, sadly all too late! it was in extra time though that Manchester United got the winner with a hand assisted goal making Mourinho go crazy, he first kicked over plastic water bottles then got a pile of them and smashed it all near supporters.

This action is not good, whilst understanding that it was frustration, he has to also remember he is being watched all around the world and by many children, he has to set a good example and he failed badly.

Manchester United are through to the last 16 and in the hat for the knock out games, knock out would be the word with any team with a decent forward line as United struggle like hell to play as a team, out of sync, and no ideas or movement on the pitch.



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