Police were called this morning December 10th to reports of a sinkhole on Osbourne Road in Altrincham.

They then closed off the road for safety and United Utilities came out to add plastic barriers around the sinkhole which we are told was half of the road.

Once a sinkhole has appeared it could get bigger depending on the weakness of what is underneath it, so it is right the police closed down the road until the sinkhole has been checked over and filled in again.

Sinkholes can appear anywhere, even in gardens and under houses! a couple in America bought a huge mansion of a home, all was going well, viws were amazing, the perfect place to spend the rest of your life in, and then the floor fell in! it got so bad even more of these sinkholes appeared and were forced to move.

Trafford has had some sinkholes, one appeared in Timperely and Sale in recent times.