Sky will pull the plug on UK’s most successful pro cycling team next year

Team Sky’s last ever kit for 2019

Team Sky Pro Cycling is to be no more at the end of next year as Sky are pulling out of sponsoring them.

It has been a decade of nothing but success for the cycling team, although it’s not all gone to plan with some riders getting into a bit of trouble.

We expect some of the riders will sign for other teams, although it could be possible a new sponsor could come in and take over where Sky left off, at this time though no one has declared any interest.

If no spomsor can be found it also means all those associated with Team Sky will be out of pocket, Pinerello, Henry Lloyd, Castelli, Jaguar and more.

Sir David Brailsford said “While Sky will be moving on at the end of next year, the team is open minded about the future and the potential of working with a new partner, should be the right opportunity presents itself.”


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