Trafford Council rejects 5g

Trafford Council has today told us that they have no plans to let any mobile network install 5G antennas or masts on lamposts or buildings in the borough.


Normal 4G mast

5G is the latest technology that is said to improve internet speeds and many other thimgs that needs the power for it to work such as driverless cars.

The issue is over the frequency involved, this is not the same as your standard 2g/3g or 4g mast which works on a very low-frequency and a mast would normally be out-of-the-way or very high up so it would not cause as much harm, the one thing to note is all the masts we see today have all been safety tested where as 5G has not been.

Remember 5G in its first part is only 3.6GHz and are often next to normal masts and sometimes inside these long grey poles, this is a trick by the networks to get councillors and others to accept the technology, and then they bring in the second installation of 5G which will be the ariels and small masts on lampposts and buildings, sneeky? you are correct so it is now for everyone to get on to the councillors and MPs to stop the second part of the 5G installation.


Masts on Man Utd roof: Pic by Darren Marsden

5G works on millimetre waves in the second part of the 5G installation, it needs an antenna or mast on a lamppost or building every 300m or so for it to work, a MM wave is very short but incredibly powerful, it is in the microwave frequency range.

The technology is focused so it needs a line of sight for it to get into your home, anything in its way such as shrubs or trees will knock the signal out, where as a normal mast has the signal bounce of the ionosphere and spreads out for around 2 miles or so.

Sadly 5G will be in Manchester very soon, City Centre will probably be the first place, then hospitals, likely Manchester City will have them dotted around the Etihad, concerts will also have them installed, and airports, train and bus stations and likely on the motorway network.

5G is not wanted! and until safety tests are done for the second part of the installation we hope that other councils and entertainment venues will reject it also.



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