Trafford scraps the hated green bin tax

During the 2018 Local Elections, Trafford Liberal Democrats campaigned to get the hated Green Bin Tax scrapped and Labour responded.

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Following the elections no party had a majority in the Council chamber, and as part of the Confidence and Supply Agreement, Trafford Liberal Democrats demanded as a Red Line that the Green Bin Tax would be thrown out and scrapped.

Today as part of the local budget negotiations it was agreed that the Green Bin Tax will be scrapped and was announced on social media by the current administration.

From June 3rd the green bins will no longer be charged.


Trafford Labour announces the charge is to be axed on Facebook

Cllr Jane Brophy (Timperley Ward Councillor) said ”This shows the influence we have had at the Council over the past year, enabling us to enact one of our key election pledges, and holding Labour to account for their promises during negotiations last May for our party’s support.”


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